Services Offered:  

JoAnn's Pet Sitting offers professional, in-home pet sitting and dog walking at reasonable rates.  Your pet(s) will be
given personalized loving care by me, which includes feeding and fresh water.  Your dog(s) will be taken out on a leash
to go potty or let out in your fenced-in yard.  Mid-day dog walks available.  Litter is scooped for cats.  I also provide
care for small animals such as birds and fish.  Daily notes are written to let you know about your pet's activities during
my visits.
   Bringing in your mail and newspapers as well as watering plants, alternating lights, and garbage disposal are some of
the in-home services that I offer to give your home an at-home look while you're away.
Additional Information:

Bonded and Insured

   * Member of PSI

   * Pet medication administered

   * Free 30-minute consultation in communities served to
      meet and go over all of your pet's needs.  At this time,
      we will fill out a standard pet sitting contract.  This will
      provide me with  all important information about your pet(s)
      and also contact numbers.

   *  Multiple-pet discounts available

  *  References available upon request.

Call: 770-617-0221
I offered to write a testimonial for JoAnn because I want other pet owners and their
pets, to be as lucky as me and my pets are to have JoAnn in our lives.  I found JoAnn in
the Woodstock Yellow Pages over two years ago, and she has been an important part of
our lives ever since.  I knew the minute I met her that she would be a great friend to my
dog, and my gut instincts have proven to be absolutely correct.

       I have a 10 yr old Cocker Spaniel, named Gracie, and JoAnn has been caring for her
for over two years.  I also have a foster dog, a DoxiePoo, named Coby, who I’ve had
for a few months and now she walks him as well.  They are the luckiest dogs in the world to
know JoAnn.  She comes 4 days a week, mid-day to walk them.  She takes them for a nice
walk, plays with them, gives them some treats, feeds them if I ask her to, and really makes
them feel special.  I’ve seen how excited they get when JoAnn arrives to walk them, as
there have been days when I have been home upon JoAnn’s arrival.  I always tell my
family that Gracie loves JoAnn more than she loves me.  I never get quite the same
reception that JoAnn does!

      JoAnn has cared for Gracie many times when I have travelled and I am always
completely at ease knowing that she is in excellent hands.  It’s great because I am able
to enjoy my time away, rather than spend my time worrying about Gracie being stuck in a

      JoAnn is 100% dependable.  In over two years she has never missed a day.   If she says
she is going to be there, she is…period.  Her rates are reasonable and very well worth it.  
There really aren’t words to describe how happy I am, and have always been with the
level of service JoAnn provides.  Give your pet a wonderful gift and hire JoAnn today!

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So, whether you're going on
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your pet(s) can have the next best
thing to your special care -
            JoAnn's Pet Sitting.  

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